About Us & Elvis

Lyndsey Taylor

Lyndsey looks after the enquiries, prepares Elvis and meets the lovely people hiring Elvis. Lyndsey also loves taking pictures of Elvis in all weathers!

Matt Taylor

Matt restores the vans and has always had a passion for campervans, he always wanted to own one and share the dream with others!

Katie Taylor

Katie loves getting the van ready with Matt and Lyndsey and takes pride in making sure the van is nice and clean.

Emily Taylor

Emily loves to make sure that everything is in place and that Elvis is nice and tidy.

About Us and Elvis


Elvis was bought on ebay in October 2009.  He was not road worthy due to a seized engine so was trailored back from his old owners in Dover up to his new home in Bedfordshire.

He was in a very sorry state and like many campervans had received numerous poor repair jobs in his 36 year life.  However we could see his potential shining through and mend his broken heart.

Although tired he has an authentic ‘Westfalia’ interior (Elvis is a ‘Devon’ type model campervan) which has been restored.

The exterior body work & mechanical work was carried out by Matt who has 18 years experience working in body shops as a professional panel beater & paint sprayer.

So for anyone wanted to know the technical details or anyone doing up their own campervan below feel free to read the following month by month progress from October 2009


  • 1, October 2009

    October 2009

    • Bought Campervan on ebay
  • 1, November 2009

    November 2009

    • Transported our now named 'Elvis' the campervan by trailor due to seized engine from Dover to Cople nr Bedford
  • 1, December 2009

    December 2009

    • Took out engine (were told by previous owners a sock had been sucked into the engine!  The sock was originally in place of an oil filler cap?!)  Matt strips down to find actual problem and finds the sock and a snapped conrod and lots of broken metal.  Engine goes to the scrapyard in the sky!
  • 1, January 2010

    January 2010

    • New engine in, starts first time, we all pile in and Matt drives to the end of the road!  Woohoo!
    • First enquiry comes in to book Elvis for August 13th-20th this year!  Such faith in us!  Great motivation to get Elvis back on stage!
  • 1, February 2010

    February 2010

    • Elvis goes for MOT to find out how poorly he is.  Reaches 60 miles and hour on the bypass! MOT fails on 13 counts but no surprises.
  • 1, March 2010

    March 2010

    • Matt starts restoration and takes Elvis apart, dashboard out, windscreen out, all lights out, bumpers totally stripped to bare shell.
  • 1, April 2010

    April 2010

    • Matt takes a week off work and starts extensive bodywork repairs.  Replacing front panel, both front wheel arches, both front wheel houses, inner windscreen panel, inner & outer front valence and repairs both front chasis legs and suspension mounts.
  • 1, May 2010

    May 2010

    • Replaces all offside sill and outriggers
  • 1, July 2010

    June/July 2010

    • Slight break in restoration as Matt becomes a dad for a second time and baby Katie Florence Taylor is born, sister to Emily (aged 3).  Mummy (Lyndsey) needs help as she had a Caesarean!
  • 1, August 2010

    August 2010

    • Matt takes another week of annual leave and works on his birthday (aawww!), he removes Elvis' new engine & gear box, repairs both chasis legs, replaces offside rear wheel arch.  Replaces inner rear valance.
  • 1, September 2010

    September 2010

    • Repairs looooong hole in cargo floor.......!
    • New rear wheel arch now completed
  • 1, October 2010

    October 2010

    • Repairs sills on nearside below sliding door
    • Replaces outriggers on chassis
    • Searching for a rear near side wheel arch tub - on back order should be with us late November - first hold up for us - ordered at Bug Jam back in June!
    • Sliding door is off, replaced outer sill below it.
  • 1, November 2010

    November 2010

    • The roof is off (ready for repair....not because it has fallen off!), we have sourced a nice second hand section of roof from California to replace serious rusted gutters and back of roof.  Chris (Matt's friend) kindly helps him fit new section and weld on
    • All chassis, inner sills and floor is all now finished and painted which is another nice bit of progress as Matt is fed up with lying on his back getting burnt when welding!
    • So, is anyone still reading this.....and do you understand any of it?!!!  Matt assures me people will!  If so - thanks for bearing with us! Lynds x
    • We now have new near side wheel tub so that delay is now over
    • Matt and Peter (Lyndsey's dad) removes pop top so roof can be repaired
    • The end is in sight for replacing metalwork, hopefully by New Year he can move onto filler work and Primer!
    • All new parts have been ordered and have arrived including a NEW 1641cc ENGINE, Clutch, exhaust, alternator, carpets, door cards and much much more!!
  • 1, December 2010

    December 2010

    • Nearside wheel tub & arch all welded and in place
    • All rear chasis uprights repaired
    • Repairs rear inner corners where roof was welded, now primed & painted
    • Both new rear corner sections painted inside
  • 1, January 2011

    January 2011 - Happy New Year!

    • Matt uses more annual leave for repairs over Christmas & New Year
    • Repairs, prepares and primes seals
    • Paints all engine bay & petrol tank bay
    • Welds both rear corners, engine lid panel & outer rear valance onto van
    • All welding now complete! Yippppppppeeeeeee!
    • Filler work on roof complete
  • 1, February 2011

    February 2011

    • All roof, front panel & cabin area now in primer - BIG Progress!
    • Repairs nearside rear quarter panel
    • Nearside is now completely in Primer
  • 1, March 2011

    March 2011

    • Primes complete van & now ready to paint external body
    • Preps & paints inside of van in white
    • Big day - Saturday 19th March, Matt paints Elvis in friends bodyshop 'Auto Innovations' thank you Simon for letting us use your bodyshop for the day.
  • 1, April 2011

    April 2011

    • Matt takes over two weeks annual leave during Easter & the Royal wedding without stopping each day or evening other then to eat & sleep!
    • All paint work is now complete
    • Starts to rebuild everything that was stripped over a year ago!
    • Lights, dashboard, gearbox, driveshafts, NEW engine, doors, tailgate, slide door, engine lid, windows, petrol tank now fitted.
    • Pop top refurbished and all new seals fitted and back on roof of van
  • 1, May 2011

    May 2011

    • Insulated the van.......mmmmm snuggly!
    • Fitted headlining to Elvis cab - a job that we couldn't find anyone to take on - for love nor money!
    • Fitted refurbished cab seats (refurbished by Newton Commercial)
    • Fitted carpets in front cab
    • Fitted all door cards
    • Fitted rock & roll bed
    • Restored and fitted interior cupboards
    • Interior lighting fitted.......mmmmm cosy!
  • 1, June 2011

    June 2011

    • The day finaly comes to test drive the can, start local to being with Cambridge
    • Floor fitted in van - thank you to Steve Hopkins Flooring for helping us choose and fitting the floor for us.  Love it!
  • 1, August 2011

    August 2011

    • 13th August - Elvis goes on his first holiday, thank you to Woody & Sylvia, friends who have taken the plunge to hire him out and supported us all the way.  We did it!
    • Elvis makes an appearance at Cople music festival - 80 flyers go in the first hour and people have the chance to look around, take a seat and imagine taking Elvis away.......
  • 1, July 2012

    July 2012

    • Electrics fitted by Peter (Lyndsey's dad).  Thanks dad, love you x
    • First weekend camping BUG JAM!  It rains and the sun shines, great weather combination to test the awning & campervan.  Plus Emily (4) & Katie (14 months) sleep....well like babies!  Elvis rocks!
    • First booking to hire Elvis comes in for two days later forJO BRAND!  Elvis will appear on 'Jo Brands Big Splash' later in the year in comedy channel 'Dave!'